What you know about me?…

Being Lisa Love the name just came to me recently, the idea of having a blog has been just that for about two years’. I have watched as others carried on with their blogs, made it look so easy and fun, one of my closest friends has been blogging for many years and she was my main cheerleader.

Me? I was born in the southern Caribbean, but now living in London for 15 years’.. I am creative at times, I was a fashion model both in the Caribbean and NYC in the mid to late 90’s, I enjoy writing, dancing(of course being a Caribbean girl), dressing up, make up, psychology and being & feeling sexy, being well… Lisa and I also like Love!

Throughout my lifetime so far I have been told that I am so confident, and funny and that I should write a book about being sexy and my escapdes (for want of a better word), this blog will be used as an avenue to get all of who I am and have been as a woman out to you my readers, my friends and I hope somewhere along this journey that I can help all women see how easy life can be, as long as we stay true to who we really are.

Welcome to each and every one of you, thank you for giving me your time